Will Trump Nominate Goldman-Sachs COO as Treasury Secretary?

Kurt Nimmo

Gary Cohn got an invite to Trump Tower in New York.


Goldman Sachs Group Inc. President Gary Cohn will meet with U.S. President-elect Donald Trump in New York Tuesday, joining a long line of people who are offering advice or being considered for administration positions.

Bloomberg concludes:

After a campaign in which he decried the influence of big banks and international financial institutions, Trump has leaned heavily on Wall Street executives as he prepares to take office. Chief strategist Stephen Bannon, campaign finance chairman Steven Mnuchin, who is said to be a contender for Treasury secretary, and transition-team member Anthony Scaramucci are all Goldman Sachs alumni.

It looks like the swamp—including the Treasury Department—will continue to be run by the same old bankers and Republican party hacks.

Did you really think it would be any different?

The elite will work with Trump. Trump will entertain us during press conferences but behind the scenes, it will be the same old banksters, globalists, and government insiders running the show, as usual.

The really amazing thing is he fooled millions of people, including libertarians and other liberty-types who should know better.