Warren so Desperate to Get Clinton Elected, She Praises the Support of a War Criminal

Kurt Nimmo

Sen. Elizabeth Warren, the progressive who sold out her followers to the bankster president of choice, lavished praise on an old war criminal Wednesday.

She “praised former President George H. W. for reportedly saying he will vote for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton,” reports Business Insider.

“In my view, it’s not a hard question. Donald Trump should get nowhere near the White House. Hillary Clinton is hardworking, well qualified, and she has run on a very progressive agenda. I feel it’s my job and the job of a lot of people across this country to help her get elected and help her be a successful president based on that agenda.”

Ah, yes, the progressive agenda—truckling up to Goldman Sachs, taking donations from Citibank, bombing small defenseless countries, chortling over the murder of Gaddafi, and voting for an illegal war.

That might be progressive—in Bizarro world.

Let’s review the work of this elder statesman.

“George H. W. Bush discovered a way to go back in time. You take a modern, industrialized country with a modern infrastructure and drop 88,500 tons of explosives on it and, presto, you have bombed it back into the pre-industrialized age,” writes David Model.

At the end of the war, Iraq was incapable of feeding itself, purifying water for drinking, healing the sick or rebuilding itself. March 3, 1991 was the end of the bombing and assaults by coalition ground troops but it was not the end of the war against Iraq. The war continued through the imposition of sanctions, no-fly zones, and bombing in the no-fly zones by Britain and the United States. It was an invisible war which did not appear nightly on CNN with expert commentators (the same applies to most of the mainstream media) because it did not meet their criteria of newsworthiness despite the fact that more than 3,000 children were dying every month because of sanctions and depleted uranium shrapnel.

This was followed up with UN Resolution 661, a sanctions regime that basically subjected the Iraqi people to starvation and resulted in the death of 500,000 children, a medieval act Warren’s former colleague, Madeline Albright, said was worth it.

In 1992 a report to the Commission of Inquiry for the International War Crimes Tribunal charged Bush and his underlings with “Crimes Against Peace, War Crimes, Crimes Against Humanity and Other Criminal Acts and High Crimes in Violation of the Charter of the United Nations, International Law, the Constitution of the United States and Laws made in Pursuance Thereof.”

It went nowhere, of course.

For Warren Bush’s crimes in Iraq—and his support for a brutal CIA-driven coup in Haiti—are of little consequence, in fact completely irrelevant to her desire to get Hillary Clinton elected.

“I think he’s right to support Hillary Clinton,” Warren said.

Of course he is.

Because Hillary Clinton is a vicious war criminal as well, albeit not yet on the scale of Bush and his son.

If elected, she may very well out perform Pappy Bush and George W.