US State Department Colludes with Jihadis in Syria Responsible for Beheading a Child

Kurt Nimmo

In a report filed by The Century Foundation on September 29, we learn that US Special Envoy Michael Ratney has regular contact with terrorist Islamic groups fighting to overthrow the government of Bashar al-Assad in Syria. The groups include the Levant Front, the Army of Islam, and Harakat Nour al-Din al-Zenki.

The latter is supported by the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood and financed by the CIA, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Qatar. In July al-Zenki released two video clips showing the beheading of a child. The terrorist group claimed the child was with the pro-government Liwaa al-Quds (Jerusalem Brigade) faction.

“These are your dogs, Bashar,” an al-Zenki terrorist says a terrorist before “a wild-haired, bearded fighter grabs the boy by his hair and pushes him down in the flatbed of a pickup truck, then furiously saws at his neck with a knife. Once the boy’s head is separated from his body, the militant raises it up to a cheering crowd,” the Los Angeles Times reported on July 20.

The Times claimed US support for Harakat Nour al-Din al-Zenki ended last September, and yet, according to The New Century Foundation report, Ratney and the State Department continue to associate with the jihadi terrorist group under the pretext of working on a Syrian ceasefire.

“Besides [the] Nusra [Front], [the self-proclaimed Islamic State], and a handful of other irreconcilable AOGs [armed opposition groups], we communicate with any group of relevance,” a State Department official told the foundation. “That doesn’t mean we agree with all their views or endorse all their practices. But communication is critical, and we work within the AOG political environment and, to the extent possible, with the kinds of decision-making processes that they themselves have developed.”

Zenki is the recipient of US armaments, including TOW anti-tank missiles. The munitions are shipped to “various brigades of the Free Syrian Army and other moderate groups through Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Turkey,” the Business Insider reported last October.

The establishment media continues to characterize al-Zenki and other murderous Islamic groups as “moderate” despite a record of atrocities and war crimes.

As I noted in November, there are virtually no moderate groups operating in Syria. Iraq intelligence has repeatedly shown how the United States supplies these groups, including the Islamic State, but this is rarely if ever mentioned by the establishment media.

“In Syria fighters call themselves the ‘Free Syrian Army’ or ‘Islamic state fighters’ or Daesh or by any other name that suits them. There is nothing ‘magical’ about this. It is just a kaleidoscope of names intended to cause confusion. In reality it is always the same people calling themselves by these different names,” Afra’a Dagher wrote for The Duran in May.

The US and its allies of course know this. They keep up this game of names so that they can go on pretending that there are “moderates” in Syria who they can support in place of the terrorists they actually support, and that these so-called “moderates” are fit to form a transitional government in place of the legitimate Syrian government and can also be persuaded to fight Daesh. In Syria nobody is fooled by any of this.

The New Century Foundation describes itself as a “progressive” organization dedicated to “restoring America’s international credibility as an effective and cooperative leader in responding to global security and economic dangers.” The vice chairman of Citigroup and a former top executive at Goldman Sachs serve as trustees along with a number of establishment academics, including Melissa Harris-Perry and former Clintonite Peter F. Drucker.

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