Turkey Erects High-Tech Wall Outside Kurd Occupied Kobani

Kurt Nimmo

How will Turkey contain Kurds and other Syrians?

Build a wall.

Reports are circulating on Twitter and foreign media indicating this is precisely what the Turks want to do outside the embattled city of Kobani.

On Sunday as the Turkish invasion pushed deep into Syria the Kurdish YPG vowed to resist incursion into the city.

“We will not allow them to enter, we will stay here if necessary for days and months and… defend this land,”a Kobani resident told Press TV.

Last January Kurdish forces liberated Kobani from the Islamic State.

Turkish forces deny that any of their military vehicles have entered Kobani; rather, they say their forces are protecting construction vehicles as they dig the foundation for a border wall adjacent to the city.

In 2016 Turkey began to put finishing touches on a border wall that resembles the one constructed by the Israelis to contain Palestinians.

So-called “smart towers” placed along the barbed wire topped wall contain automated motion-activated machine guns. In addition, there is a 24-hour surveillance system and the Turks are using drones, mobile surveillance vehicles, miniature zeppelins, and an integrated command and control center, supposedly to keep out the Islamic State.

“Ankara is under intense pressure from its NATO allies to seal off the 70 km (40 mile) strip that stretches from just east of the Turkish town of Kilis to Karkamis, long a conduit for fighters, smuggled goods and war materiel,” Reuters reported in February.