Tulsi Gabbard as Sec. Of State? Sure Beats Giuliani or Romney

Kurt Nimmo

Donald Trump is reportedly looking at Democrat Rep. Tulsi Gabbard to be his secretary of state.

If selected, the neocons will go bonkers. Gabbard is opposed to the occupation of Afghanistan and came out against the Iraq war.

Here’s another foreign policy position that will drive neocons nuts. Gabbard voted in favor of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, which lifted sanctions on Iran. Republicans and neocons want to overturn the agreement and resume hostilities.

She also gets it on terrorism. “Saudi Arabia continues to spend billions of dollars funding the spread of the Wahhabi Salafist ideology that fuels groups like ISIS, al Qaeda and other jihadist groups around the world. The U.S. must stop arming Saudi Arabia, stop fueling this fire and hold Saudi Arabia accountable for their actions,” she told The Hill in September.

Gabbard understands Saudi Arabia is the linchpin in the spread of Wahhabi terror. She asked CNN’s Wolf Blitzer:

…what is the United States doing to hold Saudi Arabia accountable for being the number one promoter of radical Islamic extremism, not only in their own country, but around the world, spending hundreds of billions of dollars in funding madrassas and schools and books and media outreach trying to influence people towards this ideology that fuels ISIS, fueling al Qaeda, what to speak of the direct and indirect support that Saudi Arabia and some of these other Gulf states gives directly to the enemy that we are supposed to be fighting and defeating. So, I think it is an important time and question for us, in the United States, to ask: Is Saudi Arabia willing to be our ally? And if they are, then they need to stop this funding, stop this support of Islamic extremists, stop promoting that ideology, and stand with us and focus on defeating our enemy: ISIS.

It would be better if Gabbard understood the dynamic behind the Islamic State and the role played by the United States and the CIA, but this is a good start.

Gabbard also opposed the Obama administration’s proposed military strikes in Syria. She was one of three members of Congress to vote against House resolution 121 condemning the government of Syria and “other parties to the conflict” for war crimes and crimes against humanity. She said the resolution “is a War Bill—a thinly veiled attempt to use the rationale of ‘humanitarianism’ as a justification for overthrowing the Syrian government.”

She introduced legislation to block military action against Syria. Gabbard also rejected the proposal for a no-fly zone and met with Trump to enlist his support to oppose military action in Syria.

Gabbard argued against “the use of drones against American citizens who have the right to due process within our own system.”

It remains to be seen if Trump will select the Hawaiian Democrat to run the State Department. It also remains to be seen if she will back Trump’s promise to militarily eradicate the Islamic State.

On Sunday it was reported Trump spent Thanksgiving at his lavish Mar-A-Lago report in Florida and conversation around the dinner table was focused on who the President-elect should pick to be secretary of state.

Trump’s closest advisers reportedly are urging him to take the well-tread establishment path and select either Rudy Giuliani or Mitt Romney to head up the State Department.