Trump Says Hillary and Obama Gave Iran Free Money

Donald Trump tweeted the following today:

Trump seems to think the United States is handing out millions to the Iranians. In fact, the money belongs to Iran, so there is no giveaway involved, as Marco Rubio and other Republicans believe.

In addition to the rankle of Republicans and neocons, bankers don’t like the idea, either. Billions of dollars in looted Iranian cash has accumulated in international banks for years.

The Donald needs to read the fine print.

After the Iranians overthrew the CIA-installed Shah in 1979, the United Nations, working in tandem with the United States, imposed sanctions on the country. The Iran and Libya Sanctions Act of 1996 further outlawed trade. In 2006 the UN adopted resolution 1696. It imposed further sanctions on Iran based on the unverified claim Iran is secretly building a nuclear weapons program.

Billions of dollars of Iranian assets have been looted since Iran’s revolution. In addition to grabbing money from accounts in the United States, Great Britain, Luxembourg, Japan, and Canada, the sanctioneers stole a building in New York City.

Last year an agreement reached between the P5+1 and Iran led to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action. This allowed for Iran’s frozen funds abroad to be released and it relaxed sanctions on oil exports. As part of the agreement, Iran agreed to dismantle its suspected nuclear weapons program in return for unrestricted trade and use of the global banking system. In early 2016, the United Nations’ International Atomic Energy Agency verified Iran had dismantled its suspected nuclear weapons program (the existence of which, again, was never sufficiently verified). Sanctions were immediately lifted.

Republicans in Congress apparently spellbound under the war chant voodoo of the neocons, rejected the deal. In addition to the claim Obama was forking out free money to Iran as part of a deal to release Washington Post correspondent Jason Rezaian held in Iranian detention, the neocons insisted not a penny should be released prior to the international tribunal in The Hague settling disputes between the US and Iran following the 1979 hostage crisis. The CIA admits its agents were among the hostages. The CIA also admits it was behind the 1953 coup against Iran’s democratically elected prime minister Mohammad Mosaddeq, a plan cooked up by Kermit Roosevelt and signed off on by then President Eisenhower. Needless to say, after the US installed Iranian general Fazlollah Zahedi and eventually the brutal regime of Mohammad Reza Shah, the Iranian people had a bone to pick.

Donald Trump has apparently bought into the illusion Iran’s pilfered money belongs to the United States and the international bankers, or he is of the mind, like the neocon Republican Marco Rubio, that the bankers should be allowed to steal Iran’s money and assets because they are assumed to be financiers of international terrorism.

In fact, the largest financier of international terrorism shares a special relationship with the UnitedStates—Saudi Arabia.