Trump Rolls Out Media Network

Kurt Nimmo

Donald Trump’s post election media empire made its debut today.


In a bid to talk around the mainstream media Donald Trump routinely labels “rigged” against him, the Republican’s campaign launched a new nightly Facebook Live talk show that will stream online through the end of the election.

The show’s inaugural edition featured two hosts from Trump’s campaign, Boris Epshteyn and Cliff Sims, who interviewed Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway.

The campaign billed the show as a way to “bypass the liberal media” that have aligned against his campaign.

The Facebook Live show has the trappings of a news broadcast. It will be broadcast from the Trump Tower in New York at 6:30 EDT and will compete with the corporate media.

The corporate media took a dismissive approach:

After Roger Ailes left Fox and joined the Trump campaign it was rumored Trump would produce an internet-based news show if he lost the election.

Trump told Fox News he has no interest in a streaming television news show.

“A network would be a natural conclusion to Trump’s campaign, were he to lose in November. He was a TV star before, with NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice. And he has spent the better part of the last year on air, granting interviews to reporters he claims to despise and having his campaign events widely broadcast. It’s difficult to see Trump giving up the limelight,” writes Nora Kelly.

But it’s not just about Trump. The political movement that has coalesced around the candidate will have a major platform to fall back on after the election is stolen from him. It will be a strong political influence, something the establishment and its media hates.