Trump Makes Good on Campaign Promise to Kill the Families of Terrorists

Kurt Nimmo

Donald Trump’s Pentagon is trying to cover its ass after slaughtering civilians in Yemen.

On Friday it released a video characterized as “valuable intelligence” seized during the attack.

It turns out the video is ten years old.

From the Telegraph:

They released excepts from videos that Col John Thomas, a US Central Command spokesman described as “one example of the volumes of sensitive Al-Qaeda terror-planning information recovered during the operation”.

But experts monitoring jihadist behaviour online poured scorn on the claim, pointing out that the video, which includes tips for bomb making, was typical of what can already be found on the internet.

It looks like Trump is using a tried tactic. He is the victim of bad intelligence. This is also how the Bush neocons explained away their war crimes.

On Thursday Trump flew with his daughter to Dover Air Force Base to pay respects to the soldier killed in the raid.

He didn’t mention the murder of Nawar, the eight year old girl, or any of the other women and children killed.

It’s safe to say Donald Trump will continue the murderous foreign policy of Obama and Bush. His call to completely eradicate Wahhabi-spawned Islam will ultimately result in a lot of dead people. Remember, he said you have to kill the families of terrorists.