Trump Considers Neocon Felon and War Criminal as Deputy at State Department

Kurt Nimmo

Is it possible President Trump will pick a Bush era neocon and war criminal to be his deputy at the State Department?

The wife of the former boss of the Federal Reserve thinks so.

That Trump is even considering this should finally put the rest the argument that he will go his own way on foreign policy.

Elliott Abrams is near the top of the neocon totem pole.

  • Abrams is a senior fellow for Middle East studies at the Council on Foreign Relations, thus establishing his globalist pedigree. From his perch, Abrams expounds on the neocon total war agenda.
  • He is a signatory of the 1997 Project for the New American Century’s Statement of Principles. The now-defunct organization was at the forefront of pushing the 2003 invasion of Iraq.
  • He breathes rarified neocon air. Abrams is the son-in-law of Norman Podhoretz, a guiding light of the neocon movement.
  • He was a key adviser on Mideast policy at the National Security Council during the George W. Bush presidency. He is far more dangerous than Steve Bannon will ever be.
  • Maybe Trump has taken a shining to him because Abrams wants to trash the Iran nuke deal. He fought long and hard to convince Congress the president needs the authority to go to war with Iran.
  • On Syria, Abrams would like to see the US bomb not only the Islamic State but also the government of Bashar al-Assad. He has called for ground troops.
  • His crimes go back decades. He was convicted in the Iran-Contra affair but was later pardoned (all faithful minions of the national security state are given stay out of jail cards, ask Hillary Clinton).

In short, it looks like Trump wants a neocon, war criminal, and convicted felon giving his secretary of state advice.

This will not turn out well.