Trump Has Already Lost, Time To Get Over It

Jack Perry

Ok, as I predicted here in a previous article, Trump is not going to win this election. Nothing has changed. I stand by my prediction: Hillary Clinton is the next president of the United States. Don’t freak out. She’s going to own the mess Obama created and won’t have Bush to blame for it. Also, we are seeing the disintegration of the Republican Party right now as we speak. This means:

1.) The Republican Party, losing the third presidential election in a row, will cease to be a viable political entity.

2.) The Democratic Party will now be responsible for whatever happens now and has happened since 2008.

Therefore: The time is RIGHT NOW to stop worrying about this election and start thinking about 2020. In other words, any time wasted on Trump is wasted. The time is now to create the Libertarian Party candidate who can win the 2020 election. Why? The Republicans are heading towards the antique store and the Democrats will be heading there, too, by 2018. This is THE TIME a REAL third party can come into being a reality that can win more elections than ever. People are not voting for Hillary, they’re voting against Trump. Okay, look, the dude ain’t got it, okay? Sorry, but Jack calls ‘em as he sees ‘em and I’m seeing Trump has lost this election because of his ego. Dude walked right into an ambush, eyes wide open. Those hot mic tapes released Friday are probably just the beginning. I bet there’s more damaging stuff yet to be seen. Rest assured, we’ll see it in the next few days or couple weeks. The Republicans are already in the lifeboat and the SS Trumptanic is taking on water quicker than an Iraqi army retreat. So, the band might sound nice on the deck, but the ship’s going down. No one “won” the debate. The debate never was about winning. They never are. So, again, what ship are you on? The SS Trumptanic? Or are you on the ship off in the distance wondering what all those signal flares mean? Because it isn’t just Trump going down, it is BOTH political parties fading into oblivion. That’s the bigger picture.