Trouble With Liberals and Tweets

Kurt Nimmo

Earlier today I received a snippy response to a tweet. I had called out Trump for not ending the wars. The response declared that I am “passive aggressive” and worse, a liberal.

I assume this person is a Trump supporter.

Here’s the problem with many Trump followers: anybody who opposes his agenda is dismissed as a liberal.

For the alt-right, it is very cut and dry. There is the “right” and there is the “left.” If you oppose endless war, you’re a liberal. If you complain about the fact the Trump administration is stacked with CFR operatives, Goldman Sachs banksters, militarists, and neo-neocons, you’re not only a liberal or a commie, but also a traitor… and you know what happens to traitors.

There is no middle ground.

I am reminded of George W. Bush, who said: You’re either with us or the terrorists.

The tweet served as further affirmation that in a practical sense many alt-righters are closet Republicans despite their rage against establishment Republicans. If they really wanted to drain the swamp, they would stop wasting time fighting against liberals and progressives. Instead, they would demand Trump get the swamp critters out of his administration.

To be fair, some of them have done this. For instance, a few are opposed to H.R. McMaster, Trump’s national security adviser. But by and large, most alt-righters are unquestioningly supportive of Trump and just about everything he does, never mind that the agenda is largely the same as his predecessors.

The alt-right is not libertarian. Steve Bannon hates libertarians. He believes they are “theoretical” and not living in the real world. In the beginning, when Trump first mounted the campaign trail, he espoused a few quasi-libertarian ideas and many libertarians fell in line. I can only imagine their frustration now.

But then maybe libertarians are liberals at heart.

If you’re against war, the Federal Reserve bankster cartel, against the prison-military complex and the military-industrial surveillance complex, it stands to reason you’re a liberal, right?