Tear down the wall… or don’t build it

Kurt Nimmo

I know I’m going to catch flak for this. Most Americans, if we can believe corporate polls, are in favor of Donald Trump’s thousand mile wall on the US-Mexico border.

I’m not.

I believe in open borders or more accurately none at all. I believe people should be permitted to go wherever they want so long as they are not violating the property rights of others.

If immigrants are able to cross without trespassing on private property, they should be allowed to do so. There is plenty of “public land” along the border.

It’s argued Mexicans and Latin Americans are crossing the border to take jobs Americans don’t want. This only partially true. The other reason is the government gives immigrants welfare money.

Ron Paul wrote about this the other day. He said Mexicans are drawn to America by the magnet of welfare.

If this magnetic field was shut off, far fewer immigrants would venture across the border. Those already here collecting welfare would either find work or return.

Another argument against “illegal” immigration is that criminals are coming into America. It should come as no surprise that property crime is an aspect of poverty. If you doubt this, visit Chicago’s south side or Camden, New Jersey. It is a law enforcement problem, not an immigration issue. Moreover, it depends how you break down statistics. While Trump supporters cite statistics showing an increased crime rate among immigrants, other studies show a reduced crime rate. It depends on the methodologies used.

Trump’s $15 billion dollar wall will do little to stop immigration. As an example, look at the tunnels under the border used to ferry drugs into the country; look at the Palestinian tunnels in Gaza. The Israelis keep destroying tunnels at Rafa, and the Palestinians keep rebuilding them. The Israelis admit they are stumped on how to put an end to it.

The same will happen here after Trump squanders billions of tax dollars on his fence.