Salon Praises War Criminal Bill Clinton

Kurt Nimmo

In the middle of the night on June 26, 1993, Bill Clinton murdered eight Iraqi civilians, including the distinguished artist Layla al-Attar. Clinton’s justification was an unproven accusation that Saddam Hussein tried to assassinate George H.W. Bush.

“Clinton had learned that the attempt against Bush had come from Iraq’s intelligence headquarters,” writes Matthew Rozsa.

No such intelligence existed. A study by the Pentagon revealed the Iraqi Intelligence Service “kept remarkably detailed records of virtually every operation it planned, including plots to assassinate Iraqi exiles and to supply explosives and booby-trapped suitcases to Iraqi embassies,” but zero on the supposed assassination attempt, writes Michael Isikoff.

“The absence was conspicuous because researchers, aware of its potential significance, were looking for such evidence.”

In October 1993, investigative journalist Seymour Hersh published an article in The New Yorker saying there was no evidence linking Saddam Hussein or Iraqi intelligence to the supposed plot.

Hersh writes:

Someone gave a Boston Globe reporter access to a classified CIA study that was highly skeptical of the Kuwaiti claims of an Iraqi assassination attempt. The study, prepared by the CIA’s Counter Terrorism Center, suggested that Kuwait might have “cooked the books” on the alleged plot in an effort to play up the “continuing Iraqi threat” to Western interests in the Persian Gulf. The Kuwaiti leadership also feared, the CIA concluded, as cited in the Boston Globe, that Clinton might abandon Kuwait in favor of better relations with Saddam Hussein. Kuwait, the report said, “has a clear incentive to play up the continuing Iraqi threat.”

Recall Kuwait’s bogus baby incubator war propaganda story, aka the Nayirah testimony. It was cooked up as part of a war propaganda campaign by the Citizens for a Free Kuwait run by American Hill & Knowlton for the Kuwaiti government. It was used by George Bush Senior to push for the destruction of Iraq and the murder of thousands of Iraqis.

Unfortunately, progressives often refuse to consider the historical record when making absurd claims. By all accounts, Bill Clinton is a war criminal.

“Clinton’s crimes range from ad hoc bombings to boycotts and sanctions designed to starve into submission, to support of ethnic cleansing in brutal counterinsurgency warfare, and to aggression and devastation by bombing designed to return rogues to the stone age and keep them there,” writes Edward S. Herman.