Rudy Giuliani, Trump’s Secretary of State?

Kurt Nimmo

The New York Times on Friday:

Mr. Giuliani is now back on the national political stage, serving as one of Donald J. Trump’s most prominent advisers and most vocal defenders.


A Trump victory could open the door for Mr. Giuliani to return to public office, perhaps as head of the Department of Homeland Security or even Secretary of State.

So much for Trump the noninterventionist.

Not only did Giuliani support the invasion of Afghanistan, he opposes any time table for troop withdrawal.

He supported the invasion of Iraq. In 2007, Newsweek characterized him as “one of the most consistent cheerleaders for the president’s handling of the war in Iraq.” He also supported Bush’s “surge.”

Boss of Homeland Security?

Giuliani fully supports the surveillance state. He said “we have to remain a country that has the Patriot Act, a country that has electronic surveillance to use to find out about these plots that may be being planned.”

I don’t think he’s talking about FBI’s plots, the only ones that seem to make it to court.

He’s a staunch supporter of Israel and urged NATO to admit the Middle Eastern country.

Did Israel suddenly move to the European continent?

Giuliani is an advocate of torture—specifically, waterboarding—and believes it works in preventing terrorist attacks.

He said Obama should have bombed Syria without congressional authorization. “He could have anyway, he did before,” Giuliani told CNN in 2014. “He bombed before without congressional authorization, Bush bombed — Clinton bombed without congressional authorization.”

Do the libertarian and “patriot” supporters of Trump support the idea of a neocon warmonger as secretary of state? Do they believe the Constitution should be trashed and the state allowed to engage in mass surveillance?

Not only is Rudy Giuliani an advocate of violence and the coercive power of the state over the individual, he is also ill-informed.

In the video below, Giuliani claims Truman killed more civilians—during the nuclear attacks on Japan—than any other president. 135,000 civilians were killed in Hiroshima and 64,00 in Nagasaki.

Johnson and Nixon killed over three million in Vietnam, 650,000 in Cambodia, and a million in Laos.

Is Trump specifically looking to populate his administration with ignoramuses?