Republicans Demand Trump Get Tough with Russia

Kurt Nimmo

Sens. John McCain and Lindsey Graham are leading a charge to get President Trump on a war footing with Russia.

A group of seven Republicans released a “stern letter” addressed to Trump demanding he not lift sanctions on Russia for its involvement in Syria—Russia was invited; the US is there illegally—and the situation in Ukraine and—most absurd and definitively debunked—its supposed nefarious “hacking” of the US election.

“We must recognize and counter the active cyber and information warfare Russia is conducting, including attempted interference in our democratic elections process (with a) firm response,” the letter states.

“We’re sending a letter to the president saying look, this is where we have to stand on Russia,” said Sen. Cory Gardner of Colorado. “What they are doing in Ukraine is illegal and we can’t lift sanctions on Russia until they stop their aggression and return Crimea. They’ve murdered 10,000 … killed 10,000 Ukrainians. It’s unacceptable. What they have done in Aleppo, what they have done in Syria, is unacceptable. Their activities on cyber around the globe are unacceptable, including in the United States this past year.”

The “situation on the ground,” as the government calls it, is somewhat different. The people of Crimea, largely ethnic Russian, voted to join the Russian Federation. Republicans like to talk about secession, but this does not apply to a European nation overthrown by the US State Department. Considering the fascist ultra-nationalist and the extreme and often murderous Russophobic character of the government in Kiev, the people of Crimea and eastern Ukraine definitely have something to worry about.

In Syria, Russia is doing something the US isn’t—wiping out jihadists imported by the Gulf Emirates and the CIA. Anybody who knows anything about reality “on the ground” in Syria knows the “rebels”—including the Islamic State, rebranded as Daesh—are virtually all Wahhabi indoctrinated proxies, paid for by the Gulf kingdoms and trained by the CIA and the Pentagon, primarily in Jordan and Turkey.

But what’s really striking is the fact the senators enthusiastically support the US military violation of Syrian national sovereignty and the destruction of the country.

Lost in the fog is the fact Syria invited Russia to help it defeat Saudi-CIA proxies. The same can definitely not be said for the US.

As for the claim Russia somehow intervened in the election, this is nonsense.

Finally, the senators calling for action on Russia—led by McCain and Graham—are self-serving grocery clerks for death merchants.

Lindsey Graham takes money from the “defense contractors” General Electric and Boeing. McCain’s donors included GE. Jim Inhofe, Rob Portman, and Joni Ernst also take money from the merchants of death.