President Pence

Kurt Nimmo

Like Dick Cheney during the reign of George Bush, it looks like Mike Pence may be calling the shots.

Form McClatchy:

Vice president-elect Mike Pence’s increasingly influential role in putting a Trump administration together is delighting social conservatives, who say the second in command’s conservative values have allayed fears about the top of the ticket.

President-elect Donald Trump announced Friday that Pence will lead his presidential transition team, amid expectations that the Indiana governor and former congressman will play an outsize role in the Trump administration, given the incoming president’s lack of government experience.

Cheney led Bush’s transition.

“This isn’t Donald’s world, it’s Mike’s world,” said Tony Perkins, the president of the Family Research Council.

Mike Pence believes we’re in a “global war of civilization against barbarism” in the Middle East. He also has issues with Russia like any other establishment Republican. During a debate with opponent Tim Kaine, Pence said Putin must be confronted and “we have got to lean into this with strong, broad-shouldered American leadership that begins by rebuilding our military.”

On Syria he mimics the neocons and comes off sounding a lot like Hillary Clinton:

About Aleppo and Syria, I truly do believe that what America ought to do is immediately establish Safe Zones so that families with children can move out of those areas, work with our Arab partners real-time, right now to make that happen. The provocations by Russia need to be met by American strength. If Russia continues to be involved in this barbaric attack on civilians in Aleppo, the US needs to be prepared to strike military targets of the Assad regime, to prevent them from this humanitarian crisis taking place in Aleppo.

There is a broad range of other things we ought to do as well. We should deploy a missile defense shield to the Czech Republic and Poland, which had Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama pulled back on…

I understand why you want to change the subject and let me be clear on this Russians thing. What we are dealing with is — there is an old proverb that says the Russian bear never dies, but hibernates. This foreign policy from Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama has awakened a Russian aggression that first appeared a few years ago with their move into Georgia and Crimea and into the wider Middle East. All we do now is full of our arms and say, “We are not having talks anymore.” We need to marshal the resources of our allies in the region and end the immediate — we need to act and act now to get people out of harm’s way…

The safe zones would have to be, as the senator said, there is a framework that has been recognized by the international community, but the United States needs to be prepared to work with others in the region to create a route for safe passage, and to protect people in those areas, including with a no-fly zone.

From The Daily Star:

President-elect Donald Trump is shaking up his transition team as he plunges into the work of setting up his administration, elevating Vice President-elect Mike Pence to head the operations. It amounts to a demotion for New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who had been running Trump’s transition planning for months. On the heels of Trump’s upset victory this week, the Republican’s team has been scrambling to identify people for top White House jobs and Cabinet posts. It’s an enormous undertaking that must be well in hand by the time Trump is inaugurated on Jan. 20.