Open Letter to Jesse Ventura

Kurt Nimmo

Jesse, I see you reversed your support for Donald Trump. I believe this is a positive step. Donald Trump is not the man he claimed to be during the campaign.

First and foremost, it was obvious from the start he has little idea what needs to be done to turn this country around. As the campaign progressed, Trump began to say very disturbing things, most notably in regard to war.

Trump characterized Bush’s wars as mistakes. He said the invasion and occupation of Afghanistan was a mistake but he did not call for pulling the troops out. He said in October “at this point, you probably have to stay because that thing will collapse about two seconds after they leave.” He did not elaborate how the presence of our troops there will prevent it from collapsing. If Carter and his national security advisor Brzezinski had not baited the Soviets in Afghanistan and supported the Mujahideen, the current situation would not exist. This is rarely talked about. Trump does not talk about it. The establishment media ignores it and it is not on the alt-right’s radar.

In October, Trump made it sound like the US has a weak and ineffective military. He wants to spend billions to “rebuild” it. According to the London-based International Institute for Strategic Studies’ annual Military Balance report in 2015, the US spent $581 billion of defense. China came in second at $129 billion. Russia spent $70 billion, less than Saudi Arabia ($81 billion). In total, $687 billion was spent worldwide.

Trump said while Syria is a “mess,” he “might have gone in” after the US and its propaganda media said al-Assad had launched a chemical attack. It was discovered months before Trump made this statement that Syria wasn’t responsible for the attack. Obama admitted responsibility for the chemical attack on Ghouta in August 2013 was not a “slam dunk.” In 2015 it was reported Turkey had transferred chemical weapons to al-Nusra, a terror group supported by Qatar. The following year, trucks carrying chemical weapons were spotted in the Aleppo, at the time controlled by al-Nusra. The media in Russia and Europe reported on this, but it was virtually ignored by the corporate propaganda media in America.

Donald Trump’s remarks on Iran are disturbing. He has surrounded himself with neocon-esque advisors who want to target Iran. The primary culprit here was Gen. Mike Flynn, who resigned over the baseless claim he somehow conspired with the Russians. Flynn and Steve Bannon advocate a war against Islam. Bannon has also suggested confronting China in the South China Sea. Trump is also looking at North Korea.

Army Lieutenant General H.R. McMaster wants war with Russia. “The neocons love him, the liberal interventionists love him, the media loves him and the entire political establishment loves him,” writes Mike Whitney. “The downside of McMaster is that he is a hard-boiled militarist with a driving animus towards Russia. Judging by his writing on the topic, I would expect a broader and more lethal conflict to flare up in either Syria or Ukraine as soon as he gets settled in his new job.”

Thomas L. Knapp characterizes Trump’s foreign policy as Obama’s third term, Bush’s fifth. Knapp points out how Trump has routinely flip-flopped.

“One minute he talked like a non-interventionist. The next minute he railed about ‘rebuilding’ a US military that’s already the most powerful and expensive war machine on the face of the earth and has been since World War II,” he writes.

“One minute he was for good relations with other countries, the next he was threatening to reverse Obama’s two real foreign policy successes, the nuclear deal with Iran and the thawing of relations with Cuba.”

Knapp writes it is indeed “business as usual” on the foreign policy front. “The drone strikes continue. Navy SEALs have murdered dozens of civilians including an 8-year-old American girl in Yemen. Instead of withdrawing US troops from Syria, Trump touts escalation of American involvement with the establishment of ‘safe zones’ to corral war refugees. He’s even turned on his supposed friend Vladimir Putin, promising an extension of sanctions against Russia on behalf of Ukraine’s regime.

“Time to take off the rose-colored glasses. Donald Trump is the War Party’s dream president.”

Trump’s aggressive, thin-skinned, and petulant behavior made it obvious months ago he would not only be a poor choice as commander-in-chief but a dangerous and unpredictable one as well.

I expected “tea party” Republicans to support him, but I was truly surprised when libertarians did the same.

In addition to libertarians, much of the alternative media also rallied behind Trump. They portray him as a defender of liberty and the Constitution. It didn’t seem to faze them when, hours after assuming office, Trump signed a large number of unconstitutional executive orders.

My candidate for president was sabotaged in 2012 by the same people who are now lined up behind Trump. Unfortunately, there is nobody qualified to replace him and even if there were, he or she would be taken down by the establishment and its attack dog media. The one party system has made it structurally impossible for third party candidates to compete.

Jesse, I am afraid the only viable solution to endless war, corporate cronyism, and an economy controlled by bankers is the fall of the empire. This will happen eventually and millions of Americans will suffer.

The political system is a three-card Monte. It’s rigged against the American people. It will continue on its current course meandering toward total war and destruction until the men in green eyeshades are removed from power.

I doubt this will happen.

Donald Trump’s election victory is indication enough the American people will continue to buy empty promises and ignore reality.