Next Time You Hail Uber, Think About Endless War

Kurt Nimmo

Liberals, fashionably called progressives, either desire endless war or they are clueless. I tend to think they have rationalized mass murder under the illusion of humanitarianism.

Clinton’s war pig aura has attracted a number of formerly recalcitrant neocons who don’t trust Trump to keep the wars going.
Enter David Plouffe.

He managed drone commander Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign. He is also a board member of Uber, the trendy private cab service reviled by some Democrats, particularly union members.

Slate says Plouffee “has taken on a visible role as a highly optimistic surrogate for Hillary Clinton.”

Surge is the correct word here.

If elected, Clinton will surge the wars and add significantly to the body count.

Plouffe explains how the lesser of two evils paradigm works:

Well, first of all, it’s still September. We were concerned about enthusiasm and turnout in both 2012 and 2008. You say: How could that be in 2008? Well because, you know, getting people to vote is a very hard thing. The thing that really does need to happen over the next few weeks is that we need more people to get excited about Hillary Clinton, not just [anti-]Trump. You need both antipathy and fear of the opponent, but you also need enthusiasm for the candidate. We had both, fortunately, by the end of the campaign. People opposed McCain’s and Romney’s positions—maybe they didn’t fear them, although there was a little fear of McCain because of the Palin thing—but right now there is, I think, more fear of Trump than passion for Clinton. I think the debate helps there, I really do.

Ah, yes. Antipathy and fear. It works every time. Polls show most Americans loathe both candidates, so the strategy is to have them vote along the lines of fear and hatred. Both Democrats and Republicans love this stuff.

Plouffe admits there is very little difference between Democrats and Republicans. Clinton’s war pig aura has attracted a number of formerly recalcitrant neocons who don’t trust Trump to keep the wars going:

As you can see, a lot of people who worked in the Bush administration and other administrations feel the same way [about Clinton]. Trump’s temperament scares the daylights out of people who have worked in the White House.

Finally, Plouffe breaks down the conflict between the elite and everybody else by using a rather laughable analogy:

First of all, at a company like Uber, so many of our customers on both sides of our marketplace—rider and driver—are working class, are serving underserved transportation areas, [are] people looking for a little more money. So I have a good, interesting viewpoint into the economy.

In some places Uber drivers come in well below working class. They don’t even make the minimum wage.

In January, the multi-billion dollar company cut fare rates in more than 100 US and Canadian cities. “Fares have been cut by as much as 45 percent in some cities, and while Uber is guaranteeing this will actually lead to larger earnings for drivers, the opposite has already proven to be true—drivers are reporting they’re making as little as $2.89 per hour,” reports the Observer.

More basement dwellers.

It will take a lot of shinola to motivate the disenfranchised to vote for Killary.

Hatred of Trump alone won’t cut it.