Neocon Urges Trump to Increase Hostilities with Iran

Kurt Nimmo

On Wednesday the Trump administration put Iran “on notice” over its missile test. It didn’t take long for at least one neocon—who was seriously considered as Trump’s secretary of state—to pile on.

Security advisor Mike Flynn blamed Iran for a suicide attack on a Saudi frigate in Yemen. No mention of the illegal Saudi war on the people of Yemen, no indication the United States will stop arming the Saudis and providing them with logistical support to bomb the impoverished country.

It should be obvious to Trump supporters who thought the new president would rollback US intervention and endless war that they were taken for a ride. In addition to continuing the Obama policy of arming the Saudis, the kingdom is not on Trump’s list of radical Islamic countries. Saudi Arabia is the birthplace of fanatical Wahhabism embraced by al-Qaeda, the Islamic State, Jabhat Fateh al-Sham, and dozens of other terrorist groups.

On Thursday, Trump sent out several tweets demonstrating his ignorance of the Middle East and Iran.

Southern Iraq may as well be part of Iran. It has been Shia since the fourth caliph of Sunni Islam and the first Imam of Shia Islam moved the capital of the empire from Medina to Najaf after the death of the Prophet Muhammad. In fact, Iraq is the birthplace of Shia Islam, well before the existence of Iran, but don’t expect Trump to tell you that.

After World War One and the fall of the Ottoman Empire, the British created the artificial entity now known as Iraq. They installed the Hashemite king Faisal I as their client and selected Sunni Arab elites from the region for appointments to government and ministry offices, thus setting the stage for Saddam Hussein and the Baathists.

It really is amazing Trump and the Republicans continue to make this claim. For those who do not pay attention, Trump’s remarks make it seem like Obama gifted Iran with $150 billion. In fact, it is Iran’s money. It was frozen under sanctions imposed for a nuclear weapons program the country does not have.

In addition, Iran will not receive $150 billion, as Trump claims. Obama’s treasury secretary said last year Iran will not be able to access much of its money because it has already been committed elsewhere.

It’s true the neocons dislike Trump, but they are certainly delighted with his latest threats against Iran. Both Syria and Iran are on the take-down list. On December 20, Trump was passed the globalist baton. He is now using it to smash Israel’s enemies over the head.