Metropolitan Cop Wants Internment Camps for Jihadists

Kurt Nimmo

Tarique Ghaffur, a Muslim former police chief in Britain, wants to put radical Muslims in internment camps, similar to what Roosevelt did to Japanese Americans during the Second World War.

It’s true Wahhabi radicals are a menace to British society. However, the average Brit wouldn’t be in danger if his MI5 hadn’t mollycoddled radical Islamists, sheltered a number of their leaders, and turned some into informants while others worked as double agents. The spread of radical Salafi insanity was specifically used by British intelligence, not merely in Britain but also the Middle East.

French intelligence and even the CIA complained about British intelligence mishandling the fanatical Wahhabi version of Islam.

Rounding up and interning the spawn of British intelligence sets a precedent for the ever-expanding police state.

In France, a state of emergency is being used to clamp down on non-Muslim protesters. In America, the neocon war on terror has turned the police and surveillance state into a deadly and bureaucratic leviathan.

Internment camps without a day in court are the next step. Now it’s radical jihadists nurtured by intelligence, tomorrow it may be political activists.

Mr. Ghaffur’s suggestion will likely be ignored—for now.

However, if there is another Manchester all bets are off.