The Latest Political Delusion: From Alt-right to Nazism

Kurt Nimmo

Did you know the so-called alternative right—alt-right for short—is a fascist movement?

That’s what Quartz tells us. It’s a website owned by Atlantic Media, a corporate media company.

It cites a definition by the Oxford Dictionary. According to Oxford, the alt-right is “an ideological grouping associated with extreme conservative or reactionary viewpoints, characterized by a rejection of mainstream politics and by the use of online media to disseminate deliberately controversial content.”

This obviously generalized and bias description, however, is not enough for Quartz. It says a more simple description would be “neo-Nazi.”

“Terms like post-truth and alt-right seem to provide a modern twist, though they come from the same fascist playbook as ever… The invention of new words and phrases to conceal old evils is itself an old evil.”

Now that we have a definition, we can proceed to the next step. “Fascism thrives on falsehoods,” hence “fake news” as recently called out by The Washington Post and the corporate media, sans reliable evidence.

If the alt-right is fascist, then there will soon be a fascist in the White House—Steve Bannon of Breitbart News, categorized as a premier alt-right website along with the Drudge Report.

Bannon is not a Nazi, as Quartz would have it. He may fall on the “right” side of the false left-right paradigm but that does not make him a neo-Nazi. Bannon has a perfect CV for a “post-truth” government. He worked at Goldman Sachs along with a couple other Trump cabinet candidates.

Despite glaring incongruities, the “left” has embraced the Nazi definition falsely attached to their ideological enemies. Because Nazism and fascism are evil, many progressives believe a disruptive and violent response is in order (as we witnessed during Trump’s campaign).

There is a correlative concept at work here. Protests against Trump and violence against his supporters—and a feeble attempt to assassinate Trump—resemble the street violence of Nazi brownshirts who attacked their opponents.

I didn’t see any alt-right brownshirts attacking Hillary Clinton supporters.

The Quartz article shows how off balance the political system is in America. Even the supposedly prestigious OxFord Dictionary can’t seem to get it right.