Joe Biden the Hypocrite

Kurt Nimmo

During a speech VP Joe Biden criticized Donald Trump’s “your fired” phrase made famous by his television show The Apprentice.

As a business owner, Trump has obviously fired people. I don’t know how many, maybe a lot.

Joe Biden, as a supporter of NAFTA, has indirectly fired people as well, millions of them.

Joe’s support for NAFTA has led to a downward wage spiral for American workers. Former factory workers who led middle-class lives ended up in low-paying service and retail jobs.

Now Joe favors the Trans-Pacific Partnership that will further gut the middle class and eventually turn America into a third world ghetto.

“But not only is this ambitious, this TPP effort of ours, we believe it is also doable. And we’re working hard to get this done this year,” Joe said in 2013.

“Nearly five million American manufacturing jobs – one out of every four – have been lost since implementation of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and the World Trade Organization (WTO). Since NAFTA, over 60,000 American manufacturing facilities have closed. The TPP would replicate and expand on the NAFTA model,” notes Expose the TPP.

“By expanding NAFTA’s legacy of middle-class job erosion, the TPP would also exacerbate U.S. income inequality. A litany of studies has produced an academic consensus that trade flows during the era of TPP-like deals have contributed to the historic increase in U.S. income inequality – the only debate is the degree to which trade is to blame. Failed trade deals like the TPP have exacerbated inequality by displacing well-paid manufacturing workers who must then compete for lower-paid non-offshoreable service sector jobs, which in turn depresses wages in those sectors, spurring broad-based middle-class wage stagnation,” writes Public Citizen.

Joe’s crocodile tears are meant to fool you into thinking he’s concerned about Americans losing jobs to what amounts to slave labor in Asia.

Joe is a neoliberal like most Democrats and a large number of Republicans. He services transnational corporations and banks.

Joe Biden will sell you out.

Trump may be an egotistical and politically clumsy political candidate but he has yet to pass legislation resulting in millions of lost jobs and decreased standards of living. He is not working like Joe and the Democrats to help bankers and corporatists turn the world into a neofeudal plantation and slave labor gulag.