Hypocrisy on Parade: DHS Hacked Georgia Voter Database

Kurt Nimmo

Remember when Russia hacked voter databases in the United States?

There is zero evidence they did but that has not stopped the corporate political class and its mockingbird media from screaming bloody murder.

Meanwhile, it looks like the US hacked Georgia’s voter registration database, if a third-party security firm working for the state can be believed.

In a letter sent to Homeland Security, Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp asked the department to confirm whether a scan attempt was made, who authorized the scan and whether the department was scanning other state systems without authorization, CNBC reported on December 8.

The DHS says voter registration systems in at least 20 states have been hacked. It says all states are under attack.

Is it possible DHS covertly hacked the Georgia database—and those in Arizona and Illinois—to drum up support for its demand that the federal government control the election system, which it calls critical infrastructure?