Former CIA Operative Turned Candidate: Clinton and Trump Unfit for Office

Kurt Nimmo

Evan McMullin told MSNBC’s Morning Joe on Tuesday that both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are “unfit” to hold the highest political office in America.

“I think Americans ought to be able to vote for somebody that they’re excited about — somebody who they support, not somebody who they’re supporting just to oppose the other person,” McMullen said.

Clinton believes she is “unaccountable” and “above the law,” while Trump presents a danger, declared the former intelligence operative.

“As a former CIA officer, I deeply believe that Donald Trump harms the strength and prosperity of this country,” he said.

He also charged Trump with attempting to divide the country.

McMullen served as a CIA undercover operations officer with the National Clandestine Service and was also an investment banker at Goldman Sachs. He is a term member on the Council on Foreign Relations.

McMullen’s LinkedIn writeup states he has managed “clandestine operations related to counterterrorism, counterinsurgency, energy, political stability, and counterintelligence, while serving mostly in hostile environments.”

He is currently the Chief Policy Director for the House Republican Conference.

On Monday, McMullen announced he will run as an independent. Last week he met with Better for America, an anti-Trump organization established by John Kingston, a former Mitt Romney bundler. Kingston has worked closely with neocon Bill Kristol to undermine the Trump campaign and present a candidate acceptable to the Republican establishment.

During an interview with CNN on Monday, McMullen addressed the possibility his campaign as an independent will work against Trump and ensure Hillary Clinton wins the election.

“Donald Trump is already losing to Hillary Clinton,” he argued. “Trump is a weak candidate and he is losing badly against one of the most unfit Democratic candidates to appear before the American people in quite some time. Donald Trump is responsible for Hillary’s success and I believe Donald Trump is ensuring Hillary Clinton will take the White House.”