Establishment Media: What Happens if Trump Loses?

Time Magazine tweeted out the following today:

Instead of focusing on what a Hillary Clinton victory in November would mean, the corporate behemoth owned by AOL and Time Warner dwells on internecine turf battles within the Republican Party and Trump’s assertion—and those of the supporters of Bernie Sanders—that the election system is rigged.

Time avoids what it means for America if Clinton wins.

First and foremost, a win by Clinton will mean additional and more intense neocon wars—primarily in Syria and Libya. It will mean troops will never leave Afghanistan and Iraq. Troop levels will undoubtedly be increased and hostilities—the direct result of US interference and invasion—intensified.

While Obama essentially continued the Bush era neocon vision for the Middle East (and Central Asia and Africa), he was reluctant to seriously escalate military involvement, his drone assassination program notwithstanding. Clinton will show no such reluctance and the neocon and warmonger factions in the Republican and Democrat parties (the latter prettified as “humanitarian interventionism”) will pursue their “creative destruction” agenda with a newfound vengeance.

Lastly, a Clinton administration will undoubtedly heighten tension between the United States and Russia, a process already well underway as NATO butts troops up against the Russian frontier and engages in outlandish and provocative rhetoric seriously at odds with geopolitical reality. Additionally, Clinton will continue the US effort to antagonize China in the South China Sea. On Tuesday, in response to the United Nations declaring China has zero territorial rights in the region under the Convention on the Law of the Sea, Beijing declared it will “prosecute” trespassers, thus upping the ante.

A Clinton presidency is a sure fire recipe for war—even the dreaded prospect of thermonuclear war.

This was not mentioned by Time, a longstanding propaganda tool for aggressive US hegemony.