Did Drudge Run a Sam Hyde Meme as a Legit News Story?

Kurt Nimmo and Robbie Martin

Earlier today, Matt Drudge gave prime real estate on his well-trafficked site to a story by Olaf Edberg of the The American Mirror.

The story concerns “crackers” being pulled out of their cars in Milwaukee by enraged protesters after a black man, Sylville K. Smith, was shot dead by police.

Social media is rife with photos and videos of the alleged incidents.

One tweet is of particular interest.

Although the photo is blurry, the man in the car appears to be Sam Hyde.

Hyde is an internet prankster and member of the comedy troupe Million Dollar Extreme who gained notoriety for being frequently misattributed as the possible “lone white gunman” suspect in a number of mass shootings. He is known for his connection to the alt-right movement, an anti-establishment faction associated with the campaign of Donald Trump.

Hyde is attributed to a number of hoaxes. He was said to be involved in the San Bernardino shooting and other violent events. “In the case of Sam Hyde, pranksters fooled CNN as the Oregon shooter in October,” writes Fruzsina Eordogh for Forbes. “When reached for comment about the various mass shooter framing attempts by 4chan, Hyde seemed to play along.”

4chan is a website responsible for a number of internet memes and pranks, including threats of violence in order to elicit public reaction.

While we cannot be certain it is Hyde pictured above, it sure does look like him. The tweet appears to be part of a prank designed to discredit Milwaukee protesters as violent racists assaulting white people.

Posting the The American Mirror story in prominent real estate fits Matt Drudge’s modus operandi. Drudge prefers sensationalistic stories, especially stories discrediting his ideological foes, primarily those on the left or folks opposed to the political overtures of paleoconservtives.

It appears factuality and double checking stories for legitimacy come in second to driving traffic to his website.