Democrats Scrambling to Replace Terminally Ill Hillary

Kurt Nimmo

The elite in control of our “democratic” elections may replace the war crone Hillary Clinton.

David Shuster, an MSNBC and Al Jazeera journo, tweeted the following on Sunday:

So, if true, who will they select?

It won’t be Bernie.

Joe Biden, Tim Kaine, John Kerry?

This one party hiccup, of course, will change nothing. The globalist agenda will continue. Even the socialist Bernie Sanders advocated endless war. He didn’t advocate burning down the Federal Reserve an scattering salt on the ashes.

Donald Trump may realize a good deal of mileage out of this Clinton health disaster.

It remains to be seen if the establishment will allow him to win.

Yes, “allow” is the correct verb.

Even The Donald knows elections are rigged. You don’t get to read the teleprompter unless you’re fully vetted by the elite. Over the last few weeks Trump has modified his talking points. He is attempting to move away from earlier remarks on deporting illegal immigrants and Muslims. He’s concentrating on war and intervention. He said the other day he’d have no problem shooting Iranian boats out of the water. Not long ago he advocated stealing oil from Iran, Iraq, and Syria. He said we have to bomb the shit out of the Islamic State and continue the forever war against manufactured terror.

The neocons are warming up to him.

Establishment Republicans hate Trump. He entered the stage through the wrong door. He didn’t come up through the ranks. He is not controlled by the RNC. Many of his supporters are alt-righters, folks nurtured by Matt Drudge, the Breitbart clan, and “patriots” formerly mistrustful of the “New World Order,” now fully vested in The Donald despite his support for NSA surveillance, his support for the illegal and unconstitutional invasion of Iraq (in his book, Trump argued for a ”principled and tough” policy toward “outlaw” states like Iraq), his support for waterboarding and torture, his “secret” military plan to eliminate the Islamic State, and his connections to the financial elite.

“In addition to the establishment heavyweights Trump has already met with – including the former US Secretary of State and member of the influential Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), Henry Kissinger, and the former Director of Policy Planning at the State Department and current head of the CFR, Richard Hass – Trump’s official advisory teams on both foreign and economic policy reveal some troublesome connections to the neocons, Wall Street, Soros and the CFR,” writes Steven MacMillan.

It seems the anti-“New World Order” crowd—formerly opposed to war, the surveillance state, and the financial class— are wearing blinders when it comes to Donald Trump. The alt-right faction, on the other hand, has never opposed war and does not have a problem with the financial class unless they’re Democrats.

If Shuster is correct and the Democrats replace the sickly Hillary with a handpicked party hack, the alt-righters and their “patriot” comrades will have a new enemy to lob mud at as they do the bidding of Donald Trump.

Nothing much will change.

The wars will continue. The fleecing of the American people will continue. The destruction of the middle class will proceed on schedule. The one-tenth of one percent will gain more wealth by manipulating an economic system fixed by the Federal Reserve.

If Trump loses to whatever flavor of Democrat apparatchik the DNC decides to insert in the election dog and pony show, we can expect four years of alt-right and “patriot” tirades, screaming and yelling, and general butthurt self-righteous indignation.