Congressman calls out CIA on its refusal to provide evidence on Russia election hack

Kurt Nimmo

Rep. Peter King of New York went on Fox News Wednesday and said the CIA’s refusal to provide evidence of Russian election hacking is “disgraceful.”

“It’s almost as if people in the intelligence community are carrying out a disinformation campaign against the President-elect of the United States,” he added.

The House Intelligence Committee on Thursday planned a briefing with CIA officials but the agency refused, saying it is still working on a review for Obama.

Meanwhile, the establishment media continues to push the unsubstantiated claim Russia is behind the supposed hack.

The Washington Post, the crown jewel of the CIA’s Operation Mockingbird, reported last week the CIA has concluded Putin and the Russians are responsible.

“Somebody has the time to leak it to the Washington Post and the New York Times, but they don’t have the time to come to Congress,” King complained. “It’s their job to come. They don’t have any choice. They have to come in, especially when they have created this.”

King said there is zero evidence of the claim.

“There was nothing at all, ever told to us, in fact they said they couldn’t prove it, that there was an attempt to favor one candidate over the other. [James] Clapper, the director of national intelligence, said that publicly on Nov. 17,” he said.

The CIA is the premier purveyor of fake news and the establishment media routinely passes off spook created fake news as unvarnished truth.

Meanwhile, the compromised corporate media insists Blacklisted News, Activist Post, and other alternative news websites are in the business of disseminating fake news.

The CIA’s refusal is yet another indication the entire affair is a psychological operation. I wrote about this on December 9.

It is now up to Congress to call CIA officials on the carpet and demand an explanation.

The Senate and House intelligence oversight committees, however, are less than useless. King’s protest will be ignored. The CIA doesn’t answer to Congress or the American people.

In 2014, the former chief counsel for the Church Commission, Frederick A.O. Schwarz, Jr., urged Congress to appoint a special panel to examine the secretive operations of the CIA and the National Security Agency and their impact on Americans’ civil liberties, Newsmax reported.

Schwarz and a dozen former congressional aides sent a letter to Congress, Obama, and the American public.

“The need for another thorough, independent and public congressional investigation of intelligence activity practices that affect the rights of Americans is apparent,” Schwarz said. “Misleading statements by agency officials to Congress, the courts and the public have undermined public trust in the intelligence community and in the capacity for the branches of government to provide meaningful oversight.”

Nothing came of the letter.

Meanwhile, the establishment media refuses to tell the American people the truth about the CIA, its role in producing and spreading fake news, or its history of interfering in elections.

“The US has covertly and overtly influenced elections overseas a number of times,” Daniel McAdams said during an episode of Ron Paul’s Liberty Report posted last year. “It’s a very open secret that the CIA infiltrates monitoring organizations like the OSCE with their personnel.”