Clinton Courts Globalist “Elders”

Kurt Nimmo
Another Day in the Empire

The Clinton campaign is reaching out to big league establishment insiders.

Not Democrats, but Republicans.

For instance, arch globalist and war criminal Henry Kissinger.

From Politico today:

A person close to Clinton said her team has sent out feelers to the GOP elders, although it wasn’t clear if those efforts were preliminary or more formal requests for endorsement, or if they were undertaken through intermediaries. Clinton campaign aides did not respond when asked if they had solicited endorsements or tried to persuade the elders to speak out against Trump.

The list includes: Condoleezza Rice, James Baker, George Shultz and Henry Kissinger.

Neocon Robert Kagan believes the silence of the insiders is indefensible. He demands they step forward and denounce Trump and possibly support the Democrat Clinton.

“I think it is terribly disappointing,” Robert Kagan told Politico. “They are some of the most respected people in the country, as well as in the party, and their words would carry real weight. For them to sit this crisis out is, to me, a real abdication of responsibility.”

A Clinton ad released last week features a number of neocons, including Max Boot, a senior fellow at the CFR. Boot supported the invasion of Iraq—he played a central role in WMD lies and bogus al-Qaeda links to Saddam Hussein—and has called for boots on the ground in Syria (under the pretense of fighting the Islamic State) and pursuing a hardline against Iran for its imaginary nuclear weapons program.

The ad also includes anti-Trump statements by Michael Hayden, the former CIA boss who is a principal at the Chertoff Group, Gillian Turner, a Fox News regular who worked at the White House National Security Council under Bush and Obama, and neocon columnist Charles Krauthammer, a supporter of PNAC and the invasion of Iraq and an advocate for taking the “war on terror” to Iran.

Clinton’s effort to recruit Republican big league insiders is another example of the unanimity of the political class on foreign policy and interminable war.