Did CIA Assassinate Russian Diplomat Karlov?

Kurt Nimmo

Turkey believes exiled Muslim cleric Fethullah Gülen is behind the murder of Russian ambassador Andrey Karlov in Ankara on Monday.

From The Indian Express:

Turkey’s foreign minister has told U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry that Ankara and Moscow believe followers of Muslim cleric Fethullah Gulen were behind the killing of Russian ambassador Andrei Karlov, ministry sources said on Tuesday.

Ankara has also accused Gülen of orchestrating a failed coup in July, a charge the cleric denies.

Earlier, Fethullah Gülen said he was “shocked and deeply saddened” by the assassination.

Zafer Dur, a prosecutor in the Aegean province of İzmir who investigated the Gülen movement’s financial links, said in September the group was created by the CIA. Dur said the agency established sects disguised as NGOs to “make changes to society,” according to an indictment.

“Investigative journalists have been reporting that [Gulenists] worked as contractors for foreign intelligence services such as the CIA, MI6 and BND and infiltrated into the intelligence services of other countries acting in the name of the services they worked for,” Dur said.

The Daily Sabah, a media outlet for the Turkish government and the ruling Justice and Development Party, interviewed Nurettin Veren in August. He is a cofounder of the Gülen movement. Veren said the Gülen movement works closely with the CIA and was behind the July 15 coup attempt. “The U.S. needed Fetullah in power in Turkey. That was the reason for the coup attempt,” he said.

F. William Engdahl writes that the Gülen movement was taken under the CIA’s wing.

Unlike the CIA’s Mujahideen Jihadists, like Hekmatyar in Afghanistan or Naser Orić in Bosnia, the CIA decided to give Fethullah Gülen a radically different image. No blood-curdling, head-severing, human-heart-eating Jihadist, Fethullah Gülen was presented to the world as a man of “peace, love and brotherhood,” even managing to grab a photo op with Pope John Paul II, which Gülen featured prominently on his website.

The Department of Homeland Security, FBI, and the State Department opposed allowing Gülen into the United States, however

…three former CIA operatives intervened and managed to secure a Green Card and permanent US residency for Gülen. In their court argument opposing the Visa, US State Department attorneys had notably argued, “Because of the large amount of money that Gülen’s movement uses to finance his projects, there are claims that he has secret agreements with Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Turkic governments. There are suspicions that the CIA is a co-payer in financing these projects.”

The Gülen organization hired one of Washington’s highest-paid public relations image experts, George W. Bush’s former campaign director, Karen Hughes, to massage his “moderate” Islam image, Engdahl writes.

The three CIA people supporting Gülen’s Green Card application in 2007 were former US Ambassador to Turkey, Morton Abramowitz, CIA official George Fidas and Graham E. Fuller. George Fidas had worked thirty-one years at the CIA dealing, among other things, with the Balkans. Morton Abramowitz, reportedly also with the CIA, if “informally,” had been named US Ambassador to Turkey in 1989 by President George H.W. Bush. Sibel Edmonds, former FBI Turkish translator and “whistleblower,” named Abramowitz, along with Graham E. Fuller, as part of a dark cabal within the US Government that she discovered were using networks out of Turkey to advance a criminal, “deep state” agenda across the Turkic world, from Istanbul into China. The network reportedly included significant involvement in heroin trafficking out of Afghanistan.

In July, Newsbud produced a video covering “Mullah Gulen’s $20+ Billion shady network in the United States” and “the media’s role in implementing the deep state’s psychological warfare tactics.”

In 2009, Edmonds described the Gülen network: