Brexit? It Was the Russians!

Kurt Nimmo

British Labor MP Ben Bradshaw is convinced.

Russian hackers swung the historic EU referendum vote for Brexit.

Bradshaw is part of the Remain movement that wants to keep Britain in the European Union despite the fact most Britons don’t want to be part of it.

From the Daily Mail:

The MP said we were witnessing the ‘collapse’ of the ‘rule based global order’ and governments had not ‘begun to wake up to’ the scale of President Putin’s meddling in foreign affairs.

He said there was now ‘proof’ that Russian hackers had intervened in the US presidential election—in which Donald Trump secured a shock victory.

Au contraire, Mr. Bradshaw. There is no evidence the Russians did anything of the sort. The CIA says it has the goods on Putin. The CIA has a long track record of lies, manipulation (of the media), overthrowing governments, and assisting in mass murder (most notably in Indonesia).

Bradshaw is trying to divert attention from the real issue—millions of Europeans want out of the “global order” of the European Union.

Brexit is a dangerous precedent and the ruling elite considers it a contagion.