Bernie Rationalizes Support for Hillary

Kurt Nimmo

Failed and betrayed presidential candidate Bernie Sanders posted to Facebook why he supports the bankster choice Hillary Clinton and why he believes only a Democrat can be president.

Sanders believes a “protest vote” is futile. He also suffers under the delusion “millions of people” can “make sure” Clinton will be “the most progressive president she can be.”

Might as well wish for a pony.

It is difficult to accept Sanders actually believes this. He has served in the House and Senate since 1991. You’d think by now he would understand how government works.

It certainly doesn’t work for the public he lectures on Facebook. It works for Wall Street, large banks, transnational corporations and other monied interests.

The post demonstrates how Bernie Sanders is a shill for the Democrat party. If he believes Hillary Clinton will suddenly become “progressive” in response to the will of the people, he is either suffering from a delusional disorder or he is just another grocery clerk for a corrupt and sold-out war party.

I’m not sure cognitive-behavioral therapy will be effective.